Monday, September 24 Sloppy Joes (The Vegan Table) with Potato Wedges and Cheesy Broccoli Rating: 4.25

I planned to make Sloppy Joes last week but had to postpone, so having them for a quick Monday night dinner seemed the right thing to do. The Vegan Table was my very first vegan cookbook and this was one of the first recipes we tried. I could probably make it in my sleep by now; we’ve had it so many times. Seth wanted some potato wedges so I popped those in the oven while I prepped the tempeh and whatnot. We don’t really use a recipe for the wedges – I just coat them in about a tablespoon of olive oil, and sprinkle with smoked paprika, oregano and garlic salt. Nothing fancy, but they’re tasty. Last week I made the cashew mac & cheese recipe in The Vegan Table and had a fair amount of sauce left over. I steamed some broccoli and then warmed up a little sauce and poured it over the broccoli. It was really good and a nice change to plain steamed trees.

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