About VEGANesp


These are the voyages of the starship Veggieprise, its continuing mission to explore strange new recipes, to seek out new vegetables and new ways to eat them, to boldly go where many vegans have gone before…


Joking aside (although we do love Star Trek), we’re glad you decided to check out our little website. We’re Elena & Seth. We’ve been vegan since late 2009 and we love it - so much so that we decided to share our wonderful voyage through this amazing vegan life on-line. We’ll talk (a lot) about what we eat, vegan events and other aspects of a vegan lifestyle. We’ll include features about vegan businesses, post articles and videos, and offer (hopefully) helpful information and tips.


We’d like to send a very special thank you to our friend, Todd, who planted the seeds for this when he suggested that we blog about our meal planning spreadsheet. The blog was born from this idea and is the driving force behind this project. We cook a lot so check back often!


So… what’s our name mean? Well, everyone knows being vegan gives you super powers. OK, not really. It’s our initials. Elena, Seth and both of our last names start with P so there you have it. VEGANesp.