Tuesday, September 25 Wrecking Bar Brewpub Rating: 4.5

This month’s ATL Vegan Drinks meet-up took us back to Wrecking Bar. There are always vegetarian specials on the menu on Tuesdays at Wrecking Bar, so it’s a perfect fit for Vegan Drinks. This was the second time we’ve met there and both times, the food has been excellent. The menu this time included appetizers of spinach bean curd soup, which was a chilled soup and a sweet potato flatbread with red onions, endive and roasted poblanos. Seth got the soup – it was a chilled summer soup and was quite good. I had the flatbread, which was awesome. The sweet potato was spread in a thin layer and was almost like a cheese spread. The entrée choices were buffalo tofu salad with pineapple, mixed greens, quinoa and roasted green apples or autumn stroganoff with seitan, mustard greens, turnips, fingerlings, brussels sprouts and gravy. I was really tempted by the salad but, we both ended up getting the stroganoff. I was very good and I actually had a little leftover to take for lunch. We somehow didn’t take pictures of our apps, but they were really pretty. Wrecking Bar makes all of their own beers, all of them which vegan, and we’ve never had one we didn’t like there. 


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