Friday, September 28 Gardein BBQ Sandwiches and Creamy Spinach Bowtie Pasta Rating: 4

So. We planned to go see Dr. Strangelove at The Plaza Theater because, our neighborhood is awesome & we can walk to things like this. I thought the show started at 7, and it was going to be quite a feat for us to get home (in Atlanta Friday rush hour traffic), get dinner & get there on time. Thank the movie gods, because traffic was heinous today and when I double-checked, I found that the movie started at 9:45. Whew. I still went ahead with our last minute, emergency dinner plan. I almost always have a pack of Gardein BBQ (or something similar) on hand just in case we need to eat on the fly. We decided to have that and, um… something for a side. I went to work this morning with absolutely no idea what that side would be. Then I remembered the leftover cashew-cheese sauce from the mac & cheese we made last week (recipe from The Vegan Table) and a bag of spinach that were in the fridge. Score. I found some bowtie pasta in the cabinet & voila! Dinner! I just mixed the cooked pasta, blanched spinach & cream sauce in a bowl, dumped it in a casserole dish, sprinkled some breadcrumbs on top & baked it for a bit. I would’ve just mixed it all together & skipped the breadcrumbs, but when I found out about all the extra time I had, I decided to fancy it up a bit. Still, not too shabby for an “emergency I didn’t plan anything” dinner. 


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