Monday, October 1 Across the Street Mexican Restaurant Rating: 4.5

In celebration of World Vegetarian Day, our favorite Mexican restaurant, Across the Streetadded a few more vegetarian specials to their already very veg-friendly menu. How could we say no? Now, when I say the menu is veg-friendly, I mean they have several vegetarian tacos – sautéed veggies, BBQ tempeh, fried tofu (think veg tofu taco) and even TVP. You do have to ask them to leave the cheese off your tacos to make them vegan, but they happily do it. The strange thing is though that the veg options are available, but it’s hard to find them on the menu. They’re sort of hidden within the other menu items as substitution options.


This time, Seth decided to get one of the vegetarian specials, hold the cheese and sour cream. It was called “The Heaping Bowl” and wow – it really was heaped high. It consisted of fresh greens (spinach and some other stuff), rice, black beans, tomatoes and some other yumminess. He really enjoyed it. I got a two taco plate with beans and rice. My tacos were sautéed veggies and fried tofu and they were oh so tasty. We can’t say enough nice things about ATS. The food is awesome, the staff is friendly and they’re very accommodating to vegans.  


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