Friday, October 5 Dinner at Big Lantern (San Francisco) Rating: 4

We met up with our friends for dinner and we all headed over to Big Lantern, a Chinese restaurant in The Mission. They have whole bunch of vegan choices on the menu. I completely forgot to take pictures so you’ll have to use your imaginations here. We started off with a big plate of fried tofu for the table and some spring rolls as well. In addition to the usual spicy mustard (which was the best I’ve eaten in a while) and sweet duck sauce, they also serve a chili-paste & oil condiment which was amazing (and hot). We dipped and dipped and were happy. I split a big plate of vegetable chow mein with vegan chicken. I haven’t had noodles in a Chinese restaurant in ages and they were really good. Seth had a vegan sesame chicken dish. I may or may not have picked at his plate a few times. It was a little on the sweet side, but that dish usually is. Our other friend had vegan chicken curry, which looked really tasty too. Oh, and the fortune cookies were vegan too! Sorry about the pictures, I promise I’ll try to do better. 


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