Sunday, October 14 Korean Tofu Tacos and Yellow Rice with Garlic Rating: 4.5

I wanted tofu tacos. I was thinking of Mexican spiced tofu tacos, but a quick Google search yielded a recipe for Korean tofu tacos that could not be ignored. In fairness, the blog is apparently one of an omni who was doing some kind of weird “vegan cleanse” that allowed food truck fare, but I won’t complain. She seems to have reverse engineered the recipe, and after a few tweaks of my own, I think we have a winner. My alterations were: leave out the fish sauce (obviously, and she includes it as a “not strictly vegan cheat” – ick on so many levels), add a little shredded carrot to the cabbage mixture, and add a little sesame oil to the vinaigrette. I used red cabbage instead of iceberg lettuce or green cabbage as suggested. I also pressed a bit of extra garlic into the marinade and let the tofu sit for several hours, instead of just the brief prep time instructed in the recipe ,and I baked it instead of stir-frying, which I think gives you a firmer texture. (400 degrees for about 30 minutes & stir it up every so often) We used flour tortillas instead of soft corn tortillas. Oh, and don’t forget a little squirt of sriracha on your tacos for good measure. OK, I confess, there’s a food truck here that has stir-fried tofu tacos that are served with sriracha which I totally ripped off that idea from. Still, it’s good. I felt like we needed a side dish, so I made some of our favorite Yellow Rice with Garlic from Viva Vegan. There’s no need to alter that recipe in any way; it’s perfect as is. Completing our cultural mash-up was Negra Modello beer with lime. Yummerific.


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