Tuesday, October 16 Veggie Burgers, Slaw & Potato Wedges Rating: 3.5

So we were supposed to be having Gardein BBQ Shreds because Seth was working on a project with a friend and we needed to have dinner over & done with really early so he could be home in time for the presidential debate. For some damn reason, the entire city of Atlanta was apparently sold out of BBQ shreds. One Whole Foods and two Kroger stores later, we gave up and decided to just have the stupid Boca burgers in the freezer. This will be a brief post. I don’t like Boca burgers much. I think they’re dry and sort of tasteless, but Seth had some on hand and we were out of options. I was so annoyed that we couldn’t have BBQ (I’d already made slaw and everything!) that I was pretty much doomed to not be happy with the burgers. They weren’t bad, Seth put lots of yummy toppings on them, but still… He also made really really really yummy potato wedges. Lately, I’ve been the one making them and mine are just never as good as his. So, he’s in charge of them again from now on. The slaw was pretty good – I think I like red cabbage better than green in slaw. I don’t really use a recipe for slaw anymore, but I based my freehand version on the basic Cole Slaw recipe in 1000 Vegan Recipes


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