Friday, October 19 Green Sprout Restaurant, Atlanta Rating: 3.75

We went to Green Sprout for a dinner on Friday with a group of fellow vegans. For those outside of Atlanta, Green Sprout is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant near Midtown. It’s not strictly vegan, but items containing eggs are marked on the menu, so it’s easy to know what to order (and most of the menu is vegan). Seth and I started off with the Curry Spring Roll appetizer. It’s a little like a curry samosa in a spring roll wrapper with spicy curry dipping sauce. They’re pretty tasty. 


One of our friends ordered a stuffed zucchini dish for the table that was delicious. It was pretty much what it sounds like. I’m nit sure what it was stuffed with but it was yummy. It’s also breaded and comes with a yummy chili garlic sauce. It serves 6 so there was enough for everyone to share. We’d never had it before, but the next time we’re there with a group, we’ll probably get it for the table. I think it’s too big for just two people. 


Seth ordered the Curry Tofu. It was pretty tasty and spicy. We almost always order the same things when we go there (he gets the Mongolian Beef) and were determined to branch out this time. We both think the Mongolian Beef is better than the tofu curry. I sort of wish we’d ordered dishes with vegan meats instead of tofu since I think we both tend to prefer those at Green Sprout. (Although I’ve had the tofu with vegetables several times for lunch and it’s awesome.) We probably would have rated dinner a 4 or more if we’d ordered a little differently.


I had the General Tso’s Tofu. The tofu was really good, but the sauce was sweeter and less spicy than other “General Tso’s” dishes I’ve had. Or maybe it’s just that it’s been so long. I liked it, but I would’ve liked it more if it had been a little less sweet. The portions were pretty massive and I ended up with leftovers. Two people at the table ordered the Wok-Seared Chicken with Red Chili and Vegetables. I tasted it and it was amazing. I may get that next time if I’m in the mood for something fried.



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