Saturday, October 20 Mellow Mushroom Pizza Rating: 4

My sister and nieces came to visit and go see Macbeth at the Shakespeare Tavern.  (yes, we’re a little nerdy that way) Since they’re all omnis and pretty picky eaters at that, we decided pizza was the safest choice for all parties. Mellow Mushroom was on the way and we all like their pizzas, so we went there. They had plain pizzas and calzones which I won’t discuss other than to say they were vegetarian which I appreciated, although it wasn’t a conscious choice on their part to eat vegetarian. Seth and I had our usual Mega Veggie pie. We get a large and take leftovers home for lunches. It’s loaded with tons of veggies – broccoli, spinach, tomato, bell pepper, banana pepper, onion, olives and whatnot. We’re glad that more pizza places are carrying Daiya now, and Mellow Mushroom has a great big decal on the window to let you know. The only complaint we have there is the service is kinda spotty. Sometimes it’s great, others, not so much. It was pretty slow this time but they got the order right and didn’t forget anything, which has happened to us there before. 


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