Sunday, October 21 El Myr Restaurant Rating: 4.25

So. We ate out three nights in a row. It was sort of an accident. We planned to cook at home, but at the last minute decided to meet some friends for a beer at The Porter to kick off what is apparently Atlanta Beer Week. Who knew? (By the way – The Porter has a black bean burger, which is vegan if you order it without feta and on different bread. We’ve not had it, but will probably try it sometime. Both omnis at the table ordered it so I assume it must be good.) Anyway, after a long, thirsty day of plastering Little 5 Points with flyers for Atlanta Veg Fest (sign up as a volunteer here!), we were a ready for a pint and what I’d planned for dinner needed a couple of hours on the stove. We didn’t have time to cook and meet our friends, so we decided to bail on cooking and head to El Myr. It’s just up the street from the Porter anyway so it only made sense. If you’re not familiar with El Myr, they serve Tex-Mex with a side of punk rock. We go there to remember our misspent youth; plus, the food is awesome and very vegan friendly. (If loud music or smoke bothers you, maybe get your food to go.) Seth got a burrito, which was roughly the size of a football. It was loaded with beans and rice and veggies and other burrito-type stuff. I got a couple of tofu tacos. They’re really basic, but they’re really good. I don’t know what they season the tofu with, but it’s yumsville. Not a fancy meal out, but delicious (and cheap). 


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