Saturday, October 27 Sandwiches at Dough Bakery Rating: 4

Dough Bakery had a Halloween Spooktacular so naturally, we got dressed up and headed over. I’d originally planned black beans and rice for dinner, but there was no way we could go to Dough for the festivities and spend 3 hours cooking beans (unless we ate dinner at about 9:30), so we opted for the bakery. The special this week was a Buffalo Ranch Hoagie. Yes please!!! It was house-made seitan in Buffalo sauce topped with ranch dressing. On a fresh hoagie roll. Yes. It was as good as it sounds. I’m sometimes a little cautious of buffalo-type dishes because one person’s “a little spicy” is another person’s “oh my god I’m on fire!” but theirs was perfect. The ranch was amazing. I really like the recipe I use for homemade ranch, but it pales in comparison. I don’t know how they did it, but I’m glad they did. 


I skipped getting a side dish this time since the sandwich was pretty big. We grabbed some biscuits for Sunday morning breakfast though. It’s becoming a pattern for us. We seem to end up at Dough almost every Saturday and get biscuits to go. We also grabbed some witch’s finger cookies and an eyeball cupcake for our newly re-vegan friend. The fingers are frighteningly realistic. I love that Dough is having so much fun with Halloween! 


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