Thursday, October 25 Pizza & Pizza Rating: 3.75

File this under ridiculous dinners. I had planned something completely different for dinner and realized at the last minute I was missing an essential ingredient. We thought we were one a tighter schedule than we actually were, so I was a little panicked. Seth had stopped at the store on his way home (I didn’t call him in time to get the missing ingredient) and on a whim, bought a Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza. Now, if you’ve never bought one of those, the box is way bigger than the actual pizza and there’s no way it serves 2 for dinner. I realized we had some leftover Mellow Mushroom pizza too, so we heated up both kinds (and had leftovers of the Tofurky… sigh.) and made a salad so we could pretend we’d eaten something healthy with dinner. I like the Tofurky pizzas as far as frozen vegan pizzas go (yes, I know, there aren’t many out there) but it’s really nothing to write home about. 


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