Wednesday, October 31 Across the Street (Mexican Restaurant) Rating: 4.25

We had a dinner planned, but, well, HALLOWEEN! So we did the only thing we could on this special occasion, and went out for tacos. What? Seth wanted a midweek margarita. Anyway, we decided to go to Across the Street where they have awesome vegan tacos. (the other place we like is somewhere you go for the patio, not the food and it was too cold to eat outside) Their menu is a little hard to decipher in terms of veg-friendly options since they sort of list the veg offering for them in with the dead animal description for them. I know it’s weird. They used to list it differently, but not anymore. So, here’s the basic rundown of the veg taco options (hold still, there are several): fried tofu (similar to a fish taco), BBQ tempeh (crumbled, seasoned & served with mango salsa), grilled vegetables (self explanatory), TVP (also self explanatory). I think you may also be able to get a black bean taco, too. We always get a plate with black beans and rice (yay! vegan!). They also have burrito options, but those are pretty clear on the menu. Couple of things: if you order guac, be sure to tell them to hold the feta (feta?!) and also tell them you need your tacos vegan. They’ll hook you up. Oh, so which tacos did we have? I had the tofu and the tempeh this time and Seth had the tempeh and grilled veggies.  Anyway, big cheers for an omni restaurant with yummy vegan choices (other than fajitas). 


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