Thursday, November 8 Latin Baked Tofu Tacos and Salvadoran Slaw (Viva Vegan) Rating: 4

We have a difference of opinion on these tacos. I love them and would eat them once a week. Seth, well, he apparently prefers smaller bites of tofu in his tacos. So, my lesson here is to cube the tofu before baking it so he gets more sauce and smaller pieces. Anyway. The tofu is delicious and doesn’t need to be marinated. It does need to bake for a fairly long time so be sure to plan for that. The sauce is a yummy beer and tomato mixture with lots of yummy seasonings. I felt like we hadn’t been getting enough veggies in our meals this week, so instead of rice which we normally have with tacos, I made the Salvadoran slaw, also in Viva Vegan. I totally cheated and bought pre-shredded slaw mix, which I never do. I did it largely because I knew I wouldn’t be making anything else with cabbage in it for a while and I really didn’t want to buy a whole cabbage, use a fourth of it and waste the rest. Anyway, the slaw is super easy, especially if you cheat like I did, but it does need some time to press so the flavors blend and it gets juicy. I lay it flat in a zipper bag and pile cookbooks on top of it in the fridge for about an hour after I make it. Honestly, I’ve loved everything we’ve made from Viva Vegan - I highly recommend it if you don’t already have it.



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