Wednesday, November 21 Tacos (Gutenfleisher’s) and Salad Rating: 4.25

Since I had a ton of things to cook for us to take to our families homes for Thanksgiving (have vegan grub, will travel) I wanted to not cook dinner, but I didn’t want to get take out either. I grabbed a bag of the Gutenfleisher’s taco meat from Sevananda and called it good. If you’re not in Atlanta, Gutenfleisher’s is the vegan deli inside Dough Bakery. Yes, you read that right – a vegan deli inside a vegan bakery. I could wax poetic about that whole set up for quite a long while, but suffice it to say we are there almost every weekend for lunch. And we may or may not always get stuff to take home for breakfast. And snacks. Anyway, Sevananda carries some of the Gutenfleisher’s products, and since I was shopping there anyway, I grabbed a bag. I don’t know why I was surprised at how good it was. So super yum. Spicy, and flavorful and full of vegan goodness. We had a basic salad alongside it, topped with ranch dressing I had on hand. Easy peasy, pause in the Thanksgiving madness dinner.


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