Wednesday, November 28 Soul Vegetarian Take-out Rating: 4

I had planned to make a stir-fry, but uh, forgot to marinate the tofu. Also, I did something wonky to my knee and really didn’t want to cook – it was not enjoying bearing weight. We were a little pressed for time, so the easiest thing was take-out. Seth stopped by Soul Veg on his way home & picked up dinner. We both had the country fried steak dinners. I had mine with mac & cheese and broccoli; he had his with collards and fries. (yes, we ate straight out of the take out boxes – we’re classy like that) The dinners come with salads (with the most amazing dressing ever) and cornbread. It was yummy and I was glad for a night off of cooking. And I love how my salad is making googly eyes at the rest of my dinner!


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