Monday, December 3 Curry Tofu Scramble Rating: 4

Seth flew off (literally, with Santa on a C-130 nicknamed ‘Fat Albert’) with the Blue Angels on a Toys for Tots mission to NJ to deliver toys to kids affected by Hurricane Sandy, so I was on my own for dinner. I happen to be a big fan of scrambled tofu, but Seth, not so much, so I don’t have them often. I like a curried scramble myself, so I poked through my many, many cookbooks to see what the consensus was on seasoning and went from there. I had some fresh kale from my mom’s garden (yes, I win at mothers – mine grows KALE!) so I used that instead of spinach, which is my usual go-to green in a scramble. I also had some frozen bell pepper slices (also from mom’s garden), broccoli and mushrooms. I added some sliced red onion & chopped garlic to the veggie mixture and it was awesome. Since I wasn’t really using a recipe, I just sort of made it up as I went. I sautéed the veggies first in a pan sprayed lightly with olive oil and then set them aside. I went with cubed tofu since I’d never tried it that way and some of the scrambles in Vegan Brunch that use cubed are so pretty. I can honestly say, I don’t think I have a preference between cubed and crumbled now that I’ve tried it both ways. I just love tofu, so for me, I don’t think it matters – I’ll love it either way. When the tofu was almost completely cooked, I added the curry, cumin and salt and put the veggies back in the pan. OK – I can’t make a tofu scramble without nooch, so I added some of that, too. I meant to make some Fakin’ Bacon to go with it, but I was so into the scramble I forgot and didn’t miss it at all. The leftovers made an excellent breakfast at work on Tuesday.

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