Friday, December 21 ApocalypseKabobs! Aka Peruvian Seitan and Potato Skewers (Viva Vegan) Rating: 4.5

I was rather relieved when the world didn’t end, because I’d been looking forward to these all week. Well, for a couple of weeks, actually. I’d found a packet f steamed red seitan (Viva Vegan) in the freezer and since it had been in there for a couple of months (yes, I write what’s in the package & the date before sticking stuff in the freezer) I really needed to go ahead and use it up. I like to let the seitan and veggies marinade for at least an hour before I grill them. I also added the potatoes to the bowl and let them sit for about half an hour before I assembled the skewers. We don’t have anywhere we can actually grill at our apartment, so I use the grill pan instead. It’s not quite the same thing (no smoky taste) but it’s still good. Sometimes I put a couple of drops of liquid smoke in the marinades as a cheat.  The recipe makes a ton of food, so we just had a nice salad with it (ranch dressing from Cookin’ Crunk) and called it good. The leftover skewers reheat pretty well for lunches on their own, or can be added to a big lunch salad for a really hearty work lunch. 


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