Saturday, December 15 Lunch at Sluggo’s in Chattanooga Rating: 5

We went to visit Seth’s mom and stopped at our favorite place to eat in Chatty for lunch, Sluggo’s, a vegan eatery with diner-style food, local beer and even a small event space downstairs where they have movies and bands on some weekends. Everything there is delicious and I try to get something different every time I go. This time, I had the lentil patty plate. It’s amazing and comes smothered in onions and mustard. I had it on sourdough, but you can also have rye. They were out of the pasta salad I wanted as a side so I got double green salad with creamy dill dressing. Seth got the nachos, which, as you can see is a veritable mountain of goodness – beans, veggies, queso. So. Good.


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