Wednesday, December 26 El Myr Restaurant Rating: 4.25

I neglected to plan anything for dinner, and after a longer than usual drive due to some crappy weather and traffic near the Mall of Georgia (stop shopping already!), I was in no mood to cook. Seth had been craving a burrito from El Myr in L5P (Little 5 Points, for those of you outside of ATL) so we headed over there. He noticed on Facebook that they had some kind of Carolina BBQ taco special– and one of the choices was tofu. Score. I’m a sucker for a tofu taco of any kind. Just to give El Myr the credit they deserve, I’ll point out that they are very vegan friendly with a few already vegan options on the menu, several easily veganized options, several tofu options, and everyone who works there knows what “vegan” means and will take good care of you. Case in point – I ordered the BBQ tofu tacos, hold any cheese/sour cream – really, just make them vegan. When they arrived, the server let me know that she’d forgotten they normally come with a slaw that isn’t vegan on them, but the chef left that off because I specified vegan and would I like anything else on them – lettuce, tomato, onion or anything? Um, yes. I love a place that looks out for you this way. I got some lettuce and tomato and thanked her heartily for the good service. And the tacos were OMG good. Perfectly messy, tangy and a little sweet – tofu cooked perfectly, and served with a side of pintos and rice. If you can handle your Tex-Mex with a side of punk rock (and don’t mind smoke too much) go to El Myr.


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