Monday, December 31 Brunch! Tofu Benedict (Vegan Brunch and Vegetarian Times) with Home Fries Rating: 5

We were enjoying a nice 4-day weekend and I wanted to make a special brunch for us for the holidays. I knew I would be in no mood to cook on January 1, so I made the fancy breakfast on New Year’s Eve instead. I actually woke up pretty early – the kitty feed-me alarm went off – so I had plenty of time to make the English muffins. Normally, I make them the night before but I was sort of done making bread for the night (having made fresh bread for dinner), so I decided to do them in the morning instead. I prepped some of the other components while the dough was rising so it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Now, I will say this about the English muffin recipe in Vegan Brunch – the dough is wicked sticky. This was the third time I’d made them and I’ve had to add a fair amount of additional flour each time in order to work with it. Mine have also come out a little thin the last two times, so I made sure to roll the dough out a little thicker this time and used a bigger cutter. I really hate to waste any so I re-roll the excess from when I cut them out and make more. I got 8 this time and a few of them were really thick and they were the perfect size. I used a marinade recipe from Vegetarian Times that we love for the tofu. I normally use the Hollandaise recipe from the same article, but decided to try the one in Vegan Brunch this time. They’re really quite similar with only a couple of little differences. I made a half batch because two cups was way too much. I, uh, didn’t really read the recipe all the way through before I started and swapped some bullion concentrate (a tiny bit) for the broth powder the recipe asks for. I think it was somehow slightly easier than the VT recipe. We like to serve ours with spinach and Seth likes a little tomato on his. I made some home fries from fingerling potatoes and yellow onion and sprinkled them with chipotle-cayenne Parma. They were yum & we were stuffed.


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