Saturday, January 5 Chickpea Shawarma (Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!) Rating: 4.25

This is the second recipe I’ve tried from Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day! and I have to say, I’m impressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked for it for Christmas, but everything I’d read about it was positive. And I love sandwiches. A lot. I was pleasantly surprised at how extensive and varied it is, with varieties of homemade vegan meat, bread and whatnot. Today I decided on the Chickpea Shawarma. I never ate shawarma way back when I was an omni, so I wasn’t sure how authentic the recipe was, but the ingredient list sounded yummy and you get to make a tahini-yogurt dressing, so bonus yums. I mixed up the sauce for the chickpeas while they finished simmering (I use dry beans) and it took all of about 30 seconds to make. While the chickpeas cooked in the toaster oven, I made the tahini dressing and a side salad as well as prepping the veggies for the sandwich. By the time the chickpeas were done, my apartment smelled amazing and my tummy was growling. I piled up my pita, drowned it in sauce and folded it over. It promptly popped right back open, even with the toothpick I tried to secure it with. I put the salad bowl on the plate to make it stay closed for the picture. I’m no expert at staging food photos and I was hungry and not in the mood to battle a sandwich, no matter how yummy. Anyway. It was a very messy sandwich, but amazingly yummy. The chickpeas were creamy and yummy and the dressing is so dang good. I made a full batch, which is 4 sandwiches worth, so I could take the leftovers to work to make my omni coworkers jealous. Muwahahaha…


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    luminousvegans (Sunday, 06 January 2013 15:33)

    The sandwich is making me hungry! I have not heard of this book, so I will definitely have to check it out.