Friday, January 18 PIZZA! and salad Rating: 4.25

Since I’m apparently just allergic to work, I decided I could cook dinner. I had a craving for a pizza and had pretty much everything I needed on hand for it. Yay! Pizza! I generally make my own crust and have a few different recipes I like. (If you must buy one – both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have good ones you can buy premade.) This time, I went with the basic pizza dough recipe from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. I’m fortunate to have a KitchenAid mixer, so that makes homemade crust a LOT easier. Anyway, once it was all properly risen and rolled out, we set to each making our own half – we have very different ideas about the amount of sauce and cheese (Daiya, naturally) that are appropriate on a pizza. We both love lots of veggies on them though and loaded it up with spinach, tomatoes, red onion, broccoli and roasted garlic. We had a little bit of Tofurky pepperoni in the freezer, so that went on there too. Seth made a salad to go with it and we were happy, happy vegans.


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