Thursday, January 17 Soul Vegetarian Rating: 4.25

For the second Thursday in a row, I came home from work feeling like I was coming down with a cold. I think this means I should work no more than three days per week. Sigh. Not really an option, but I was having no part of cooking dinner regardless. Seth, being the saint that he is, stopped off on his way home and picked up take out from Soul Vegetarian, which is as the name suggests a vegetarian (really vegan) soul food restaurant. Comfort food. Just what the doctor ordered. We both got dinner plates, which come with an entrée and two sides, a salad and cornbread. We love the dressing that Soul Veg makes and I could probably drink a gallon of it. OK, not really, but it’s crazy good. I had the country fried steak, mac & cheese and broccoli. Seth had the same except he had collards (ick) instead of broccoli. I’ve heard there’s a video on the interwebs of how to make their mac & cheese and I plan to hunt it down, because it’s amazing. I even have omni friends who got to SV just to get it. Oh, and there are several Soul Veg restaurants around the country, so if there’s one near you, definitely check it out. They all have different menus, but I can’t imagine that any of them aren’t awesome. And yes, we ate straight out of the takeout boxes. We’re classy like that.


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