Sunday, February 3 Pittsburgh Steak Sandwiches (Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day) Rating: 4.25

Since it was Super Bowl Sunday, we wanted to have “party” food for dinner – enter Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day. We sort of spoiled our appetites when I made pretzels earlier in the afternoon. I made them a couple of weeks ago, and Seth liked them so much, he asked me to make some more. The recipe has been in my family since I was a little kid and my mom used to make them with us on rainy days. It’s fun for kids because they can make their pretzels into any shape they want; we used to make our initials. This time, I may or may not have showed my support for the Ravens, in pretzel.  (pictured below) Oh, and you can freeze and reheat these for a quick snack, too.


Yes, I'm a dork.
Yes, I'm a dork.

Anyway, we weren’t super hungry but needed to have some dinner. I’d planned to have the sandwiches and a salad or something as well, but ended up skipping the side. I sort of wanted to make Philly cheesesteaks, but when I mentioned to Seth that this recipe used avocado, he wanted to go with this instead. Of course, we promptly forgot to get an avocado at the store, so… Yeah. Anyway, we had some seitan in the freezer, so I just mixed up the marinade and baked it as directed. (Or you can use the seitan recipe provided in the book.) We didn’t have any ciabatta rolls, so we used a baguette we had in the freezer. Sadly, we were missing the avocado, but we topped them with lettuce and tomato and soldiered on. There’s also a really yummy garlic mayo that goes on these which is super good.  


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