Sunday, February 8 Lentil Orzo Casserole (Dining with Friends) Rating: 4.25

I really like this recipe from Dining with Friends. It takes some time, most of it is cooking time so you’re not tied to the stove or anything, but be sure to plan accordingly. (You’ll need about 1½ hours total.) I only sort of planned right this time. I may or may not have gotten distracted by the Herbivore website, and may or may not have lost track of time and gotten started on it a little late. I was going to make a side of broccoli to go with it, but by the time I had dinner ready for the table, we were engrossed in Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome, so I served the casserole on it’s own and we ate dinner on the couch. It’s a pretty simple recipe that doesn’t need a lot of prep and it makes a ton. The book says it serves 4-6, but wow, those must be big portions. I made a half batch this time and we still got 4 servings. Not that we’re complaining, because, well lunch. The veggies in it are pretty basic – carrots, onions, diced roasted tomatoes (canned) and garlic. It’s really a complete meal on it’s own with the hearty lentils and orzo, but I like to serve a green veggie with it too. Maybe next time I won’t get so distracted before I start cooking.



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