Friday, February 15 Southwestern Tofu Burgers (The Vegan Table) and Potatoes Rating: 4

I’ve had The Vegan Table ever since we first went vegan, and I love it. I decided I wanted to try a different kind of burger, and believe it or not, I’ve never made tofu burgers before. The recipe makes a lot (10-12 burgers) so I made a half batch. They were actually pretty easy to make, although they do sort of have a lot of ingredients – tofu, refried beans, bell pepper, corn, bread crumbs and so on. I bought a can of Amy’s refried beans so that was quick and easy, and I used frozen corn. Once everything is chopped and ready to go, the burgers actually do come together pretty easily. I had a tiny bit of trouble getting them to hold together completely, but once they’re cooked, they’re fine. I opted to broil them rather than frying, but I had to leave them in the broiler for a little longer than directed. They really turned out well, and the leftovers are safely in the freezer. We topped them with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo, but I think a little avocado or some Daiya Havarti. The potatoes were a hot mess. I made some potato wedges for Seth, but I wanted fries, so I cut my portion of potato into pretty little strips… and burned them. Ugh. Maybe half of them were edible. Seth said his wedges were good though (I didn’t burn those).


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