Saturday, February 16 Pizza Party at Dough! Rating: 4

Dough Bakery was hosting a fund raiser for Nick Gjoka, a vegan xc mountain biker on his way to US Nationals. We love pizza and we love supporting vegan athletes, so naturally we went. There were several different pizza option – and most of them were really creative. I ate way too many slices. The first one we had was a taco pizza, served with a side of sour cream for dipping. It featured the Gutenfleisher’s taco meat (Gutenfleisher’s is the deli inside of Dough where they make all their own vegan meats), cheese, peppers and did I mention sour cream? Oh , and it had a bean spread on it instead of tomato sauce. Spicy, yummy taco pizza goodness. 


Next we had a chili cheese dog pizza – yes. Chili cheese dog pizza. It was yummers too. The chili was a sweet chili as opposed to a really spicy one, and if I’d ever had Cincinnati chili, I would say this was a Cincinnati style chili. I never would have thought to do this, so it was a fun slice.


Continuing with the theme of inventive pizzas – the next one out was a steak pizza, once again topped with the Gutenfleisher’s vegan steak. (I assume all of the meats on these pies were housemade, actually.) I sat that one out. I was pacing myself. Seth got a slice though and said it was really good – although he did pick the slice of mushroom off of his slice since he is not a fan of the fungi.


The last one for me was the buffalo chicken pizza. Seth skipped this one. I liked the light sauce on it (I was getting pretty full, and tomato sauce can be a little rich) and the buffalo sauce wasn’t too spicy (I like it hot, but sometimes it can be too hot). It was super tasty. There were other pizzas too that we didn’t have, like a cheeseburger pizza, a gyro pizza and a few others. A fun night, yummy food and for a good cause.



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