Thursday, February 14 Valentines Day Dinner at Dough Bakery Rating: 5

So I literally didn’t cook all week. We both had a bunch of stuff going on in the evenings and didn’t really even eat together most nights. It was all stuff like leftovers and frozen pizzas. For Valentine’s Day, Seth booked us a spot at the special Dough Bakery dinner. (I didn’t take any pics because the mood lighting was all romantical and I knew they wouldn’t turn out.) But, I will tell you all about the amazing menu. We started off with a lovely white bean and fennel soup. It was smooth and creamy and delicious. Next up was a salad of baby greens with walnuts, feta (which was amazing) and strawberry vinaigrette. They even cut topped the salads with carrot and strawberry cut into little hearts, which were adorable. Since they were serving a small group, we placed our entrée orders at the time of booking the table so they could plan how much to make of each. The choices were Balsamic marinated “steak” with whipped potatoes and asparagus, Ginger-glazed root vegetables with wild rice, and “Sausage” and leek risotto with roasted Brussels sprouts. Now, I want to pause here to say that while I realize we go to Dough pretty frequently, I was still impressed that they knew exactly what everyone ordered at each table without having to ask – which was pretty cool. Anyway, Seth got the steak and I got the risotto. The portions were pretty large and we naturally both tried each other’s food – both entrees were delicious, but we knew they would be. I had some leftovers (I was pretty full after the soup and salad) so I took some home for lunch. Bonus. For dessert, we had strawberry sorbet with vanilla and chocolate tarts. They were amazing and the tarts were extra good with a little bit of sorbet on top. We really, really, really hope Dough does this again next year – it was our favorite Valentine’s Day dinner we’ve had.



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