Tuesday, February 19 Bistro Broccoli Chowder (Appetite for Reduction) Rating: 4.5

It’s been so rainy (and chilly!) here lately and to me that says one thing – SOUP! I haven’t made this one in a long time, but it’s one of my favorite recipes. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve tried any of the other soups in Appetite for Reduction because I just love this one so much. You will need to chop some stuff, so it can take a minute to get that done, but once everything is prepped, it’s smooth sailing and most of the time is just letting things simmer. So you can sit down and read a book or polish your nails or something. For the first time when making this recipe, I couldn’t find a parsnip – I went to two stores and nada, so I went with the substitute of extra potato that the recipe mentions (you can also use carrot). I prefer the parsnip, but the soup was still really good. It makes a lot too, according to the book it’s 6 servings, but those are pretty big servings so you won’t feel like you’re skimping or starving or anything. We like to have warm bread with our soup, so we grabbed a baguette at the store and I mixed some herbs and stuff in some olive oil for dipping. Yum.


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