Wednesday, February 20 Quesadillas Rating: 4.25

I have several clean-out-the-fridge meals that I make and this was no exception – except… Seth made it. And he rocked it. We had a little bit of this & a little bit of that, and oddly, none of it enough for even a stir-fry. So… quesadillas it is! Especially since one of the odds & ends was refried beans which would’ve been gross in a stir-fry. Anyway, Seth chopped up some broccoli, red bell pepper and onion. He sautéed them while the beans reheated and then filled flour tortillas with the veggies, beans, Daiya Havarti and tomato. He made a bunch and kept them warm in the toaster oven while the rest cooked. They were huge and yummy and gooey and I put some vegan sour cream on mine. They were awesome.


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