Sunday, February 23 Breakfast Biscuits Rating: 4.25

Seth’s Birthday Weekend, Sunday Morning Edition: Seth has been hanging out on the Vegan Zombie YouTube page lately and saw the video of Egg Trick Muffin, and thought he’d like to try something similar. We normally get our amazing breakfast sandwiches at Dough Bakery or Dulce Vegan, but decided to go for the homemade version this time instead. Seth wanted to modify the recipe a bit, because the thickness of the tofu looked like more than he’d like so he suggested using the marinade we use when we make a vegan benedict breakfast. We decided to make a double batch – we wanted to have leftovers to keep in the freezer for quick, yummy breakfasts. Now, I may have misunderstood Seth when he asked me to make this. He meant for me to follow the Vegan Zombie method - only with smaller slices, but use the other marinade. I just made the tofu exactly as we do for the benedicts. Next time, I’ll pay more attention. Anyway, it was still delicious. Aside from making fresh biscuits, this was really an easy breakfast, and even the biscuits were pretty easy. I love the recipe in Vegan Diner – they’re my favorite. I grew up in the northeast, so I never learned how to make biscuits properly – in my pre-vegan days, my biscuits came out like hockey pucks. The Vegan Diner recipe comes out super fluffy and light and I always get 8 instead of 6 (I re-roll the dough because I can’t stand to throw away the scraps if there’s enough there to get one or 2 more biscuits out of it). The tofu went in the marinade the night before, the bacon and sausage were store bought and we had English muffins in the freezer (we used them for the extra sandwiches since the biscuits were fresh). The bacon was a new kind for us – instead of the usual tempeh bacon, we tried the brand new, not yet available in stores seitan bacon from Upton’s Naturals. Kind of a long story, but here goes - I normally make my own seitan, in fact, I’ve never bought pre-made seitan at the store (other than like in sausages and stuff like that – what I mean is, I’ve never bought a package of plain or seasoned “just seitan”). Anyway, I’ve never bought it before, but Vegan Cuts and Upton’s Naturals had a deal going which included the new seitan bacon. It was a really good deal and I wanted to try the bacon. (Incidentally, if you’re not already on the Vegan Cuts list, get on now. It’s like Groupon for vegans, but better. We’ve gotten some amazing stuff from them and they are really cool people. Short video here.) The deal came with several kinds of seitan – 1 pack of plain, 1 pack of chorizo, 1 pack of Italian, 1 pack of ground seitan and 2 (yes! 2!) packs of the bacon. So. We had bacon, we had sausage, (Sol brand because Whole Foods was somehow OUT OF GARDEIN!), we had biscuits, we had English muffins, we had Daiya Havarti. We had breakfast.  I had a bacon, tofu and cheese biscuit; Seth had sausage, tofu and cheese. We made the extra sandwiches and put them in the freezer. Oh, and for those of you who like this sort of comparison, I calculated the calories and fat in my sandwich and then compared it to an omnivore fast food version. Ready? Mine: 281 calories, 12 grams of fat. Fast food version: 550 calories, 37 grams of fat. Plus, mine didn’t have any suffering in it. 


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