Monday, February 25 Top Spice Thai & Malaysian Restaurant Rating: 5

Romulan Martini
Romulan Martini

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH! We have a rule about birthdays – the birthday person picks where we go for dinner, anywhere they want. Seth’s favorite place around here is Top Spice. We both love Thai and they have a broad selection of veg-friendly dishes that are more than just the standard curries or stir-fried veggies. Not that we’d say no to a good curry or stir-fry, just that it’s nice to have more options. Seth likes to have this Romulan looking blue cocktail whenever we go there – it’s made from Bombay Sapphire Gin and, well, some blue stuff. I got a beer this time, but they have a few other interesting drinks I’ve tried – a kafir lime drink with vodka and a green tea vodka martini. I know they sound weird, but they’re good and not too sweet. 


Anyway, we started off with the Romulan martini, a beer and some spring rolls (we’ve asked – no eggs in the wrappers).  I like that they cut them in half, because I can feel virtuous by not eating a whole one. Plus, Seth really likes them and that way he can have more. We always get the same two dishes when we go here. Yes, I know I just said how great it is to have options, but these two are so good, we just can’t help it. The first one is Tofu Garlic Pepper which is tofu, tons of roasted garlic and red peppers in a light, brown sauce served on lettuce. Sounds weird right? It’s not – it’s amazing. Even the iceberg lettuce works, which surprised the hell out of me the first time we tried it. 


The other dish is we get is called Kari Sayur Campur and is hot, clay pot filled with a light coconut broth, mixed vegetables and tofu. It’s delicious and is how we discovered that Seth loves the little Thai eggplants, but no others. It includes those little gems, plus green beans, bell peppers, “regular” eggplant and a few other things I’m probably forgetting. It’s really tasty and surprisingly light – the coconut milk in the broth is pretty minimal. It has a light curry flavor as well, but nothing like a heavy red coconut curry. 


No birthday is complete without cake, but Seth doesn’t eat cake, so I went to Sevananda, picked up a slice, stuck a candle it, had him blow it out and then relieved him of the chocolate cake. It was the least I could do, since it was his birthday and all.


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