Saturday, March 2 Breakfast at Dulce Vegan & Lunch at Sluggo’s Rating: 4.5

Seth ordered a cake for his mom’s birthday from Dulce and we stopped on our way to Chattanooga to pick it up. And have breakfast. Because, really, you can’t go to a vegan bakery in the morning and not get breakfast. The sandwiches at Dulce are huge and delicious. Seth got an English muffin with vegan egg and bacon, Daiya cheddar and sliced tomato. 


I usually get the English muffin too, but this time I got the biscuit instead. I also had the egg, bacon and Daiya. I also had a huge cup of delicious Earl Grey tea. Everything was fresh, piping hot and yummy. Once we were happily fed, we got the cake and a pack of the cute little vegan candles that they sell there. 


Since we were in Chattanooga at lunchtime we went to Sluggo’s. OK – we planned to get there at lunchtime so we could go to Sluggo’s. We go every time we’re in Chatty. Happily, some friends of ours who live up there were able to meet us for lunch so it was nice to see them too. We love the food there and I actually spent a fair amount of time looking at the menu throughout the week and deciding what I was going to get, which changed as soon as I saw the specials for the day. My plan was the Cheeky Wing Wrap, which is spicy seitan in a wrap with spinach, salsa, carrots and creamy dill. I’m already a huge fan of their creamy dill and get it pretty much every time for my salad. But, as I mentioned, the specials board changed my mind. I decided on the tofu grinder instead. It was their breaded tofu (they also use that on the BBQ sub) on grilled marble rye, with cheezy sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion. And it was as good as it sounds. I got the platter with comes with a salad and side, and as usual, I got double salad with creamy dill dressing. And a pickle.


Seth got the lentil patty melt platter, which also comes on grilled marble rye. For his side he went with the collards. The sides include mashed potatoes and gravy, pinto beans, pasta salad, chili, soup and so on. The last time we were there they had a pesto mac & cheese special that was amazing – Seth had it and I took a little taste. It was ridiculous how good it was. The salad dressing he got was the tahini goddess dressing. I had that last time and it’s really good too. We were stuffed after that big breakfast and then the huge lunch. 


Beautiful Cake from Dulce
Beautiful Cake from Dulce

We took Seth’s mom to the Canyon Grill for dinner. And forgot to take pictures. Oh well. Canyon Grill isn’t really what you’d think of when you think vegan food, but they actually do a pretty good job. You won’t find a vegan entrée on the menu, but they have several sides that are suitable and actually really good. The staff can always tell you what has butter, animal stock or a creamy sauce and help you find the vegan stuff. We got the grilled vegetables, crispy fried potatoes, sweet and sour slaw and salads. The grilled red cabbage is also really good (order it without sauce) and the waitress said the crispy yellow squash and fried green tomatoes are also vegan. When we got back home, we gave Seth’s mom her beautiful cake – which she loved. Oh, and it slowed (lightly and only a dusting accumulated) almost the whole time we were on the mountain, which was awesome.


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