Thursday, February 28 Vegan Drinks at Across the Street Mexican Restaurant Rating: 4.75

This month’s ATL Vegan Drinks meet-up was at Across the Street Mexican Restaurant. We go to ATS pretty regularly because the food is great and they have a good selection of vegetarian tacos (grilled veggies, tempeh, TVP, fried tofu, etc.) that they will happily make vegan for you. In addition to the usual menu, they also created a special menu just for us. We started off with the salsa trio which came with guac, mango salsa and pico di gallo (they also served their regular yummy salsa). 


There was a new taco on offer for us that I really hope becomes a regular menu item because it was amazing – silver oyster mushroom taco. It was loaded with oyster mushrooms that were dusted in corn meal and lightly fried, fresh raw spinach and spicy cashew cream and it was ridiculously good. ATS, please please please add this to the regular menu. Pretty please. Neither of us ordered the pozole, but there was one on offer that was huge and looked really tasty too. It was vegetable broth, stewed hominy, shredded napa cabbage, sliced radishes, cilantro, jalapenos and avocado cream.


We also ordered two of the other special menu items:
The Chilaquiles – which was mole, with sautéed with tortilla crisps and was served hot with red onion, cilantro and avocado. It was super yummy. You could also add tofu, tempeh or TVP to it.  The other one we got (which we forgot to take a photo of) was El Diablo Verde  - it was ancho chile and orange marinated tofu sautéed with rice noodles and black beans in a spicy cilantro basil verde with cucumber salsa and coconut crema. It was super spicy and really tasty. 


For dessert (which we were too full to eat, but one of our friends had) was a chimichanga made with sautéed and seasoned apples in a giant tortilla that was flah fried. It was huge. We had a little taste. It was amazing. Great job Across the Street! We had a great time and an awesome meal!


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