Thursday, March 28 Vegan Drinks at Burnt Fork BBQ Rating: 4

Wait what? Vegan Drinks was at a BBQ joint? Yeah, that’s what I said too. But, like many restaurants nowadays, they’re broadening their usual menu to include folks like us. Actually, Burnt Fork has a few different options on their regular menu and created a special menu just for our group. We started off with spring rolls, which we forgot to take a photo of. Oh well. Seth decided on the “Chicken Fried” Tofu with gravy, which I think turned out to be the best thing on the menu. It was served with Kale with candied pecans that was ridiculously good, and he also had a side of fries.

I got the nachos. They were piled high with black beans, cheese sauce and BBQ tofu. They were good, but not as good as the fried tofu. Also, it was a lot more food than I could possibly eat. There was also a tofu enchilada on the menu that came with refried beans – it looked pretty good too. 


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