Friday April 5 Creamy Vegetable Stew Rating: 4

We love Indian food. A lot. I have an Indian cookbook that I absolutely love called The Indian Vegan Kitchen. The recipes are easy to follow, once you get over the somewhat long list of spices, but hey, that’s Indian cooking. We have several favorite recipes from IVK and this is one of them. It’s basically like a vegetable korma, with coconut milk and it’s amazing. One thing about her recipes is that they tend to be a bit hot, so I usually cut back on the amount of cayenne I put in. The recipe as written is just veggies, but this time I added some tofu, since I didn’t make any dal to go with it. (I was being lazy.) I just quickly pan fried some tofu in curry powder, cumin and whatnot. On it’s own, the tofu was pretty bland, but mixed into the stew/korma it was pretty good. We can’t have an Indian dinner without nan – we just can’t. One of the first recipes I tried from Vegan Eats World was the nan (we make the garlic variation) and I now always have some on hand. It makes a lot in one batch, so I when I make it, I freeze the leftovers. They reheat really well and then I just smear them with a little homemade butter and, when I have it on hand, sprinkle with fresh parsley. We also love Sukhi’s brand samosas, but they’re crazy expensive (you can find them in the freezer section of Whole Foods and some smaller health food stores) so we try to only buy them when they’re on sale – and then stock up.


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