Sunday, April 14 Sushi at Ru San’s Rating: 4.5

It was my birthday (40! Eep!), so I got to pick where we went for dinner. Normally we like to go to someplace kinda fancy-pants like Café Sunflower, but I really just wanted sushi. Ru San’s has a really broad selection of vegan sushi and we love every bit of it. They took one of our favorite items off the menu, which was really disappointing, but hey, things change right? It was a really large spring roll filled with carrots and asparagus and came with a spicy dipping sauce that was to die for. The one spring roll was large enough to be an appetizer for two. 


Anyway, we started off with Miso soup, it was a rainy and chilly day and that helped shake off the chill. We love their soup and get it even when it’s hot outside. Next up, we had a plate of tempura veggies – potato, zucchini and mixed vegetables. We What? The calories from fried stuff don’t count on your birthday. Which is good, considering the rest of what we ordered. I’m a sucker for good tempura – light and fluffy and crispy, and yes, fried. Plus there’s yummy stuff to dip it in. 


When it came to ordering our rolls, we went a little overboard. We always, every single time get the fried garlic maki (Yes. Fried. Garlic. Thank you Ru San!) which is every bit as good as it sounds. Our other every single time, without fail item is the mixed vegetable tempura maki. Yes, I know, we also had mixed veg tempura as an appetizer, but well, we love it and can’t stop.  The roll is huge and difficult to eat, but it’s delicious and amazing so we persevere. We decided to get the asparagus roll too. It’s served chilled and is really just what it sounds like – nothing but asparagus. A light roll to break up the fried goodness of the rest of it. And lastly, we got the inari tofu roll. We actually ordered two pieces of inari tofu, the pockets stuffed with rice, but the waitress must have thought we wanted it as a roll – I didn’t even know that was an option. It was really tasty too. I love inari tofu. Fir the first time ever, we had to ask for a to go box. Not surprising how much food we ordered under the influence of saki…


Even though we were stuffed, you can’t have a birthday without cake. Since neither of us likes sweets very much, Seth got us a couple of cupcakes from Dulce Vegan, one of the two vegan bakeries in Atlanta. After I blew out the candles, we split one and save the other one for the next day. As delicious as they were, we were way too full from dinner to eat any more.  


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