Sunday, April 21 Veggie Plate! Rating: 4

After a busy weekend, we decided we just wanted a good, old-fashioned veggie plate. I generally make baked beans from scratch now rather than buying them canned and they’re so much better. The canned ones are just too sweet. We love the Happy Herbivore recipe in her first book and it’s been my go-to whenever we make them. I’ve tried one or two others, but this is my favorite. It calls for a can of navy beans, un-drained. Well, I didn’t have any canned, but I had a ton of dry. I soaked and cooked them earlier in the day, so it was basically the same thing as opening a can. I know it’s not quite corn season, but I’m trying to force it anyway. I found some at WF that looked promising, so I grabbed a couple of ears. It was good – not height of summer in the South good, but good enough to hold me over.  We sautéed some kale in veggie broth with lots of garlic, a little miso and a bit of tahini. It was good. We also sautéed some yellow and zucchini squash with lots of onions and garlic. (What? We like garlic.) Simple, easy, yummy. 


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