Thursday, April 18 Lemony Pan-fried Chickpeas and Chard, Yellow Squash with Cheesy Toasted Pine Nuts

I’ve recently fallen a little bit in love with chard. It’s not on the level of my love for kale, but it’s running a close second. Color Me Vegan has a few really good chard recipes and this is one of them. If you really hate chard, you can swap out a different leafy green, like spinach. I use a little less lemon than the recipe calls for because we found it a little overpowering the first time. It’s a pretty basic dish – chickpeas, chard, and so on, but it’s oh so tasty. And easy. I’m a big fan of easy recipes. I’ve also been on a bit of a squash kick lately and really love this recipe. It’s sort of like a squash casserole, only much lighter. It also incorporates cherry tomatoes (I use grape tomatoes) and has a topping of toasted pine nuts and nutritional yeast that gives it a cheesy flavor. Seth got me these little Le Creuset baking dishes (they have a specific name, which escapes me at the moment) and I’ve been trying to find ways to use them ever since. I make a half batch of the squash recipe and it fit perfectly into the 4 little dishes. 


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