Wednesday, April 17 Red Thai Tofu Rating: 4.5

Another winning recipe from Appetite for Reduction. This one will have you drooling and wondering when you turned into such an amazing chef. Not kidding. It’s that good. No need to marinate the tofu all day or anything, either. I love that the list of ingredients is pretty short and it comes together really fast. I like to spice it up a little and add dash of hot chili garlic paste to the sauce. It’s super good. I also tend to use more shallots than it calls for, but I just like them a whole bunch. I can never find Thai basil to use and my one attempt at growing it from seed in my apartment window failed miserably. All my windows face north, so I have nowhere near enough light. Anyway, in the absence of Thai basil, you can use regular old basil or even a different variety of purple basil; I used both this time. We like to have spring rolls with this and I’m a big fan of Ling Ling Brand - you can find them in the freezer of stores like Whole Foods or natural grocers like Sevananda. 


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