Saturday, May 18 Asparagus Quiche (Plant Strong Pot Luck) Rating: 4

We were invited to a potluck to celebrate the new book “My Beef with Meat” by Rip Esselstyn, and were glad to have a chance to get together with other plant-eaters and enjoy a healthy dinner in the park. We knew we wouldn’t be able to heat anything up, and quiche is pretty good at room temperature, so we decided to make the Asparagus quiche from Everyday Happy Herbivore. As with all HH recipes, it’s pretty much impossible to screw this up, so even though I’d never done this one before, I was certain it would be good. I did have a moment of concern when I looked at the big pile of asparagus and green onion versus the relatively small bowlful of tofu batter. But, I trusted the recipe and went for it. Once it was all mixed together, I relaxed and decided the proportions were actually perfect. 


Since we didn’t have any way to heat up food at the park, I timed it so the quiche came out of the oven right before we left and it was still warm when we arrived. There were so many yummy things to eat – slaw, tofu-nut balls, banana bread, cookies, lentils, no-egg salad, pita, soup, chili, well, you get the idea. The quiche was a hit with everyone and we had a great time meeting new people, catching up with friends, and enjoying the evening in the park. 


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