Wednesday, May 15 Mediterranean Chard with Chickpeas Rating: 4.25

One of our beautiful friends gifted us with a whole bunch of fresh chard from the garden where she works, as well as several sprigs of fresh oregano. I’ve recently falling deeply in love with chard, so this made me very, very happy. I was flipping through the most recent Happy Herbivore book, Happy Herbivore Abroad when I found the recipe for Mediterranean Chard. As with all HH recipes, if you have chard on hand, you’ve probably got everything you need on hand to make this. The only thing I was missing was a lemon, but I had lemon juice, so no big deal. This one really jumped out at me because it uses a LOT of garlic and a lot of kalamata olives, two things I’m pretty sure I cannot get enough of. So. Chard, garlic & olives? I’m in love. I was still on my own for dinner, so I didn’t want to make a big mess that I’d have to clean up later. I had cooked some chickpeas a day or so ahead of time to add to this, so I just tossed them in the pan & let them heat up with everything else. I may have put too many in, but hey, it stretched the meal so that I had a healthy sized lunch the next day. SCORE! I will definitely make this one again. Seth isn’t as into chard as I am, but he doesn’t object to it like he does mushrooms or eggplant, so I can still sneak it in.


Oh, and we got our first CSA box today!!! So excited! Look at the bounty of kale (it looks like collards, but it’s kale), bok choy, turnips, radishes, strawberries, two heads of lettuce (the reddish stuff) and bay leaves! More on what we do with all this goodness to come…


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