Friday, June 21 General Tso’s Not Chicken Rating: 4.25

We don’t tend to eat a lot of vegan meats, but Seth tried the Beyond Meat General Tso’s at the Whole Foods hot bar and really liked it. My meal planning has been a little disjointed since we joined the CSA since I don’t know what we’re getting until the day we get it, sometimes the day before. I grabbed a package of Beyond Meat to keep on hand in case I needed to come up with something kind of quick and didn’t really know what to make. The CSA box yielded yet more broccoli and thus my plan was formed. I searched around a little and found a bunch of vegan General Tso recipes, but they all wanted you to bread and fry tofu or seitan and that really wasn’t what I was looking for. I finally found a recipe for just the sauce – it came together in almost no time flat, although I reduced the amount of sugar in it a bit. All I did was slice up some bell pepper and onion, chop a little broccoli, and voila! I sautéed the peppers onion and broccoli for a few minutes, then added the Beyond Meat strips and let them get warm (I took them out to thaw about an hour or so before I started cooking). Once everything was just about done, I added the sauce and gently stirred everything to coat the veggies and strips. We served it over basmati rice with spring rolls (we buy them frozen at Whole Foods). I really liked this and will make it again sometime and plan to try it out with tofu as well. 

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    luminousvegans (Monday, 22 July 2013 00:53)

    Hiya! Just wanted to stop in and say it was nice to meet you at the Dough 1 yr anniversary vegan potluck! I'm sure I'll see you around at more events.

    I've been meaning to try those beyond meats for awhile because I keep hearing great stuff about it. Maybe the next time I'm at WF, I'll pick 'em up.

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    Seth (Monday, 22 July 2013 06:23)

    Hi Ketty, It was nice to meet you guys as well. The potluck was a lot of fun and a great way to meet other vegans. Looking forward to seeing you guys around.