Friday, June 7 Burritos! Rating: 4.25

So we had some leftover stuff on hand and I was thinking of making enchiladas because I could pretty much just stick a straw in a pot of Happy Herbivore enchilada sauce, but I decided to go with burritos instead. Not the kind that are wrapped up tight and the size of a football – I can’t eat those, they’re way too big – but the other kind in flour tortillas with red sauce on them. We sort of use meals like this to clear out extras and leftover bits that aren’t enough for a meal on their own. One thing I like about meal planning is that it gives you the opportunity to know what’s likely to be left at the end of the week and create a meal around that. I have a thing about wasting food – it comes from my parents and growing up with the “starving kids in China” thing, but also from what they taught me early on about not being greedy and taking more than you need. It makes me so sad when I see reports about how Americans throw away 40% of the food we buy, especially when, well, there ARE starving children all over the world. We’re by no means perfect, but we do make a real effort to eat what we buy and not let it go bad and end up in the landfill. Anyway, enough of my rant – on to the burritos! I searched around on-line for a red sauce recipe, and I found several but none of them really were exactly what I was looking for, and a lot of them were more like enchilada sauce, so I followed them as a guide and winged it. Translation: I pretty much just threw a bunch of stuff (tomatoes, onion, garlic, cumin and oregano I think) in the Vitamix until it looked right and called it red sauce. It was good too. We stuffed them with leftover Venezuelan Black Beans (Viva Vegan), corn, spinach and broccoli. This same combo is great in tacos and enchiladas too. We love the beans recipe and make it pretty often to have with yellow garlic rice (from the same book) and once we parcel out leftovers for lunches, there’s usually just enough left for this kind of quick dinner. I pop them in the freezer and defrost the day before we plan to use them. Easy peasy.

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