Sunday, June 16 Leek and Kohlrabi Soup, Grilled Cheese Rating: 4

The CSA seems to give us one “challenge” vegetable every week - sometimes the same one for a few weeks in a row. That’s what was happening with the kohlrabi. Since we learned that Seth didn’t care for it roasted (weirdo) I had to find new uses for it. One of Seth’s coworkers told him to try it in soup – his wife is from Germany where apparently kohlrabi is very common, and that’s one of her favorite ways to make it. So, despite the fact that it was about a billion degrees out, to the internet I went, seeking a kohlrabi soup recipe. I found one that sounded perfect; it used not only the kohlrabi root, but also the greens AND leeks, which we had also received in our box of veggie joy.  The soup was creamy, sort of like a potato and leek soup. I mixed up the order the ingredients went into the pot in a little bit (on purpose) because I knew Seth would prefer the kohlrabi more well done. I also used the immersion blender to puree it a bit. I thought it was super yummy good – but Seth really wanted it to be smoother with no chunks of kohlrabi in it at all. He liked the flavor, he just wanted it a completely smooth soup. We’ve been enjoying a pack of the new Daiya Swiss-style slices and I thought, well, what better with soup than a grilled cheese sandwich? (my inner eight year old was pleased) We got a small loaf of sourdough and sliced some tomato which we cooked into the sandwiches and it was delish. 

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