Thursday, August 1 Pinto Beans and Yellow Rice with Pico de Gallo and Guacamole Rating: 4

Years ago, Seth worked at a burrito place called Tortillas. It was kind of an institution in Atlanta; you could get a ton of food for not a lot of money and it was good. Or so I’m told. This was long before I lived here. Anyway, Seth still remembers fondly the pinto beans they made there and likes to whip up a batch from time to time. It’s basically a lot of seasoning that you cook in with the beans after they’ve soaked all day. This time he was a little heavy handed with the salt, but the beans were still really good. He also made a batch of his famous guac and pico de gallo – which we love. I made some yellow rice with garlic (Viva Vegan) to fill out the meal. Simple, delicious, leftovers for lunch!

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