Tuesday, July 30 Vegan Drinks at Wrecking Bar Rating: 4.5

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture, but this month’s Atlanta Vegan Drinks brought us to Wrecking Bar, where we’ve gone a couple of times before. Wrecking Bar normally does vegan specials on Tuesday nights, plus they have a couple of vegan options (like a seitan gyro) on the regular menu, so you should check them out.  The soup special was a melon gazpacho with green tomato and lemon oil.  There was a flatbread with kimchi seitan & cherry tomatoes (it also had ricotta on it, so you had to order it without – not all the specials are vegan). The Portobello bowl looked really good, but I went with the a tofu bahn mi special with picked okra, onions & carrots, avocado pate, jalepenos and sriracha sauce. It was really spicy, but I loved it. Seth got the seitan gyro. We both had way too many fries. Oh, and Wrecking Bar also brews their own beers, so be sure to get one when you go. 

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