Tuesday, August 13 Hottie Black-eyed Peas and Kale, Grilled Corn Rating: 4.25

We’re big fans of beans, and here in the South, the black-eyed pea is somewhat revered. Growing up in the northeast and refusing to eat any bean other than the baked variety for most of my life, I came to love these much later than most. Way back when we first got Appetite for Reduction, Seth consented to try this recipe, despite what he thought was his distaste for kale. Lo and behold! He LOVED it. He asks for this recipe pretty regularly. While kale isn’t a summer veggie, I love this during the summer months because a simple ear of corn (and sometimes a sliced tomato, too) is a perfect side for this. I learned that it’s best for me to make this in my big soup pot so that the kale fits easily, which makes it soften up better in the pot. We like to use a locally made hot sauce called Hotlanta Hot Sauce, which is funny to me because no one who lives here ever calls the city Hotlanta. Anyway. It’s really yummy and if you’re ever here you should get a bottle or two. Or you know, order it from the website. If you don’t like spicy and still want to try this recipe, just leave out the hot sauce altogether, I’m sure it would still be delicious. The recipe makes a lot, so you can enjoy your hot (or not hot) beans and greens for lunch the next day. Today’s side was just an ear of corn. No biggie. 

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